Why Sitting Too Much Is Harmful For Your Health

How sitting too much is harmful for your health

Most of the people of well aware that sitting too much is not good for health. So nowadays we see people do workout, jogging and a lot of other things to keep a body healthy and fit.

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According to UCLA researchers of older adults and middle ages people, sitting too much may become one of the major reason for changes in a part of the brain that deals with memory.

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According to studies sitting too much increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, like smoking. So studies show us that how improper behavior influences our brain health and other regions of the brain and body too significantly related to memory.

UCLA researchers recruited around 35 people with ages 45 to 75, just to know about the physical activity on daily basis and the time they spend in rest. Each person had a high-resolution MRI scan, which provides an elaborated glance at the MTL (Medial temporal lobe). I.e. a brain region which becomes responsible in the formation of new memories.

The researchers found that stationary performance is an important prediction of thinning of the Medial temporal lobe (MTL) and that physical activity is deficient to offset the damaging effects of sitting for comprehensive periods.

The study does not prove too much sitting does not cause thinner brain structure, but the time you spent sitting is linked to thinner regions according to research.

Next, the researchers wanted to follow a cluster of people for a longer period to know that if sitting causes the thinning. And also they want to determine this problem what role gender, race and the weight might play a role in brain health connected to sitting.


MTL (Medial temporal lobe) thinning can be a forerunner to cognitive refuse and dementia in middle-aged and older ones. Reducing this behavior will probably make the cause to stop any brain problem and to keep the brain healthy.


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