Inspirational Story Of Two Frogs

Story of two frogs

Your words can make a huge difference and make sure they are positive.

The story of 2 frogs

A group of frogs was traveling in the forest and was heading towards other parts of the forest.  While traveling two frogs among them fell into a deep pit and when others came to know they surrounded themselves around the pit and start shouting that there is no hope you could come out from it.

The two frogs inside pit needed help to come out from that pit. The two frogs start jumping hard, they tried 100 times but it did not work as the crowd of frogs shouted that there is no hope you could come out from that pit, among them one frog heard them and stopped jumping and lost hope to come out from that pit only.

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So accept your fate and rest in peace, these were the last words from the crowd. But among these two frogs inside the pit, one did not give up and keep trying hard but the crowd continuously shouted: “stop jumping and wait for death”. Finally, after a few more jumps, the frog which never left the rope of hope came out of the pit, when the group of frogs asked the frog that why he never quit jumping. After some time they came to know that the frog is deaf and he never heard the crowd’s words.

The deaf frog thought that the crowd of frogs is cheering him up to come out of the pit, and he finally made it out of the pit.

Moral: Watch your words; your words can make a huge difference. Talking positive and cheering someone will boost the morale of a person. So think twice before you speak. Your words can become the matter of life and death for the other person. Speak out to encourage people.



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